Frequently asked questions

What can I write a report for?toggle arrow
You can report that your classmate or a friend is facing some problems at school. They might be bullied, called names or laughed at. They might get beaten, sexually assaulted or even thinking about suicide.
Who can access the reports?toggle arrow
We send report notifications to the staff appointed by the school. In most cases it's the school counselors, psychologists, or the principal.
What information can FaceUp access?toggle arrow
FaceUp doesn't have access to the reports; we can't read them. All reports are encrypted on the way to their recipient.
How do privacy settings work?toggle arrow
We deeply care about the privacy of our users and their personal data. We don't store any sender's personal data on our servers, and there is no way for us to know them. Each report is encrypted.
Why sign your school up?toggle arrow
Because nothing is more important than the safety of your students. You can fight against bullying more effectively with FaceUp.

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