FaceUp is a startup created by high school learners in collaboration with major experts. We fight aginst bullying, sexual assault, group exclusion and other social issues at schools around the world.

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how we help

How do we help

The base of all of our activities is the website and mobile app. They both work as a virtual anonymous reporting platform. We also work with influencers whose videos and posts about bullying have reached millions of learners, parents and teachers.

We work with many organisations that focus on preventing or dealing with bullying and help schools with prevention through sharing leaflets, posters and other materials. We're also active in lobbying for the support of school psychologists, counsellors and other professionals.

We discuss the problems of bullying in the media and often interview the victims of bullying. Through our social media channels, we regularly reach thousands of followers through our messages about the prevalence of bullying.

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We help all around the world

Not only for schools

Our team does their best to turn each South African into an everyday heroes. Bullying is not just a problem of primary or high school. We're currently working on a version designed for companies and sports clubs. If you want to find out more, email jan@faceup.com





sport clubs

Sports clubs

We're in this together

FaceUp emerged from a students' initiative and we worked in close cooperation with teachers, school counsellors and organisations that served as external advisors.

Our Team

Cayley Jorgensen

Country manager - South Africa

Jan Slama


David Spunar


Pavel Ihm


Jakub Pekar


Marek Hradil


Jiri Hlavenka

Business Angel

Martina Pavlicova

Marketing manager

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Tereza Barnatova


Jiri Diblik


Jan Faltys

PPC Specialist

Ronald Luc

AI developer

Vaclav Sulista

Country manager - Switzerland

Michaela Hrncirova

Country manager - Singapore

Michal Twardosz

Country manager - Poland

Duane Healey

Country manager - Australia

Michal Sekowski

Country manager - Brazil

Pablo Lopez

Country manager - Mexico

Kaye Alianda

Country manager - Kenya

Tibor Sklut

Country manager - Slovakia & Hungary

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